Friday, April 20, 2012

Online Banking Fraud Protection

Here at Crocus our member’s security is our number one priority. Partnering with Celero Solutions, Crocus uses state of the art firewall systems to protect your accounts. While we are doing our part to protect you from online banking fraud, here are a few ways you can protect yourself at home:

1.     Never tell your passwords to anyone. Not even a family member.
2.    Never write down your online banking password OR if you absolutely need to write down your password, do not store it around your computer. Another option would be to write down a word or phrase that would remind you of your password. For example: if your password was ‘00119942’ then maybe you would right down ‘SticksGretzkyAge’. This would allow you to remember your password but to others seem like complete nonsense.
3.    Keep your computer up to date with operating system updates as well as malware and spyware protection.  Spyware and malware are types of software that self-install themselves on a victims’ computer enabling information to be gathered such as passwords and personal information unknown to the user.
4.    Think before you respond. – No staff member of Crocus will ever call or email asking for your card information or password.
5.    Be aware of phishing emails – A Crocus staff member will never send you a link asking you to sign in for any reason. These emails are usually phishing attacks to get attempting you to hand over your login credentials. Phishing occurs when a fraudulent person sends you an email that looks like it is legitimately from a business in an effort to get the unsuspecting user to revel personal or restricted information.

If you implement these tips, you should greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of fraud. If you have any questions or concerns or you feel that you may have been a victim of an online attack, please contact our main branch at 204-729-4800.

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